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There is no such thing as a minor criminal offense violation in the eyes of the criminal justice system or society. If you have been arrested and charged for any crime in Napa Valley, you need to look for a trustworthy Napa criminal defense lawyer right away. At Maas and Russo, we have built a name for ourselves as a tenacious yet compassionate law office that does everything possible to secure positive outcomes for our clients, whether that means getting an acquittal, case dismissal, or dramatic charge reduction.

Some of the reasons people choose our Napa criminal defense law firm:

  • Decades of criminal defense experience
  • Thousands of cases handled to success
  • Highly rated and reviewed on Avvo

Whenever we take a criminal defense case, we truly give it our all for our clients, especially if they have been convicted in the past. We know that California is notorious for extremely unforgiving repeat offender laws – you must be willing to stand up to your charges!

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Throughout our many years of practice, we have seen just about any criminal charge you can imagine. While we are wholly familiar with criminal defense in Napa, this does not mean that we see each case as nothing more than a file and a number. Quite contrarily, we acknowledge the real importance of getting to know each client and using a personalized approach to defense. Your case can only be as strong as possible if it is built from the ground up.

Let us stand up for your rights against these charges and more:

From felonies to misdemeanors, we have the knowledge, know-how, and commitment needed to instill you with confidence in your future once again. No longer live in fear of what might happen if the state slams you with heavy sentencing, like jail time and fines, when you could be taking the initiative with our Napa criminal defense attorney. The last thing the prosecution expects you to do is retain the services of a professional defense lawyer. Take them by surprise and take control of your case with us.

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    Alexa Alvarez

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  • “There are no words that can express the huge impact you had on my life all those years ago when you fought for me in Court.”