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Piracy and Intellectual Property Theft Crimes in Solano County

Piracy or theft of intellectual property is a growing problem. Technology has made intellectual property far more accessible on a worldwide basis. Many people often do not realize that they are committing intellectual property theft and piracy when downloading information found on the internet. California law allows for heavy penalties to be imposed in cases of piracy, and in some cases federal agencies will become involved.

Intellectual Property Theft Charges in Solano County

When the FBI or other federal agency has identified any person or group believed to be engaged in piracy or the theft of intellectual property, the investigation may have been ongoing for months, and there is a large quantity of evidence that must be countered by professional defense witnesses.

Facing piracy charges can be extremely frightening and intimidating, and the dangers are significant, both in your personal freedom and finances. It is in your best interests to seek aggressive legal representation from a highly skilled Solano County piracy attorney. You must have an attorney on your side challenging the prosecution's case. It is imperative that you are represented by a Fairfield criminal lawyer who is committed to presenting your case professionally, and has the resources and skills to do so.

At Maas and Russo, we have successfully defended many individuals who are facing charges related to piracy or the theft of intellectual property. It is important to have someone on your side that is knowledgeable in the laws related to pirated software, music, movies or other property, and the various defenses that can be successful. The laws related to piracy and the theft of intellectual property have been updated and amended frequently, to address new situations. Early intervention by your defense lawyer in any type of white collar crime case can mean the difference between facing a sentence behind bars, and walking away without repercussions.

Solano County Intellectual Property Theft Lawyer

Copying a product without permission of the copyright holder is a form of intellectual property theft. Piracy generally refers to the sale or distribution of unauthorized copies. These copies may be of any form of intellectual property that including music, cinema and literature. Counterfeiting is another type of intellectual property theft, but generally refers to selling copies of unauthorized material that are purported to be genuine or authorized.

If you are being charged with piracy, intellectual property theft or counterfeiting, contact us today for a powerful defender who has the experience and resources to help you fight back.

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