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Are you facing criminal charges in Dixon?

At Maas and Russo, our Dixon criminal lawyers are ready to analyze your case and advise you about a defense strategy that could lead to a positive outcome. There is no perfect case, and our first order of business is a full review of the existing evidence to find the holes and errors that can be exploited for your defense. If you have not yet been charged, but are a person of interest in a felony criminal case, you need legal representation at once. Never answer questions from investigators without your attorney present.

Police investigators have gotten confessions from innocent people who are so confused and under duress that they completely damage their own cases. Innocent people can be convicted, merely by failing to exercise the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. Don't put your freedom at risk - call our firm at once if you have been arrested, charged or are being asked questions by the police or other agency. We know what to do.

Our firm has gained a reputation as a prominent criminal defense law group. We are zealous advocates for the criminally accused. You are innocent until proven guilty, but it may not appear that way. Certain cases are so serious, such as sex crimes, murder, weapons charges and drug crimes that allegedly involve large scale operations, that it may appear that there is no hope for you. This is far from the truth. Find out what can be done for you, and what our highly experienced criminal defense law firm determines is the best strategy for your case.

Are you a victim of a rights violation?

You have rights, and law enforcement cannot violate these rights. It is astonishing how many criminal cases have significant flaws. If you are represented by a public defender, you are likely going to be served by an overworked, underpaid lawyer, that has little time or energy to expend on your case. You are far better served to hire a true legal professional that will fight for you, is concerned about you, your freedom, and your reputation. Call our firm today. We are ready to fight for you.

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Case Results

Proven Track Record of Success
  • Dismissed Assault Weapon & Drug Possession Charges
  • Case Dimissed Assault With a Deadly Weapon Charge
  • Not Guilty Assault with Great Bodily Injury
  • Not Guilty Attempted Murder
  • Case Dismissed Attempted Murder Charges
  • Not guilty Charged with Intentional Discharge At An Occupied Motor Vehicle
  • Dismissed All Charges Child Abuse Charge
  • Dismissed Child Abuse Charge
  • Case Dismissed Child Neglect Charge
  • Property ordered returned to client Civil Forfeiture