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Contra Costa County is Spanish for "opposite coast." It is primarily a suburban county in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was one of the original 27 counties of California created in 1850. Contra Costa County was originally intended to be called Mt. Diablo County, but the name was changed prior to its incorporation as a county. The county is one of nine counties in the San Francisco-Bay Area and is the ninth most populous in the state with a population of approximately 1,066,096 as of January of 2011.

Have you recently been arrested in Contra Costa County? Anyone can face criminal charges regardless of their education or background. One simple mistake such as getting behind the wheel after having one too many drinks or getting into a fight can change the course of your life forever. Just because you were arrested for a crime, it doesn't mean you are a criminal or that you weren't in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, an arrest can lead to a criminal conviction, which can result in hefty fines, incarceration, community service and a permanent criminal record. Being arrested for DUI or possession of marijuana, or a sex-related offense can happen to anyone and it can be an extremely frightening and stressful experience for the accused and their loved ones.

Whether you made an honest mistake or are being wrongfully accused, you owe it to yourself to engage the representation of an aggressive and effective Contra Costa County criminal defense lawyer. When your freedom and your reputation are in the hands of law enforcement and a prosecutor who are already convinced of your guilt, you need a formidable and capable adversary in the courtroom fighting for justice and your freedom.

Following an Arrest – Turn to a Lawyer You Can Trust

If you are unsure of where to turn for a defense, remember this: you have a much higher chance of achieving a positive outcome if you engage the support of an experienced defense attorney than if you don't. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Our lead attorney, Thomas Maas, has been selected for inclusion in California's Rising Stars℠, which represent no more than 2.5% of attorneys in the entire state – an outstanding achievement for a lawyer to obtain.

Regardless of the nature of your alleged offense, we urge you to contact our firm as soon as possible. In each case we take on, we strive to obtain the most positive outcome given the circumstances of the case. Whether your case is better served by a plea bargain, a reduction in charges, a dismissal or an acquittal at trial, we will work tirelessly to obtain the most optimum results. Even if this is your first arrest, depending on the offense, you could be facing harsh penalties and sentencing. Early intervention can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. At Maas and Russo, we have the ability to defend clients against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges including but not limited to:

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The stigma of a criminal conviction can haunt you for years to come. Even a minor charge for a sex, drug, or theft-related offense can prevent you from obtaining jobs, housing, or loans for decades. Don't let this happen to you!

Take action today to defend your rights and your freedom by speaking with a Contra Costa County criminal defense attorney from Maas and Russo! Contact our office as soon as you can to schedule an initial consultation with our seasoned criminal lawyer.

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