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Adoption Scam Charges in Solano County, CA

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Fraudulent acts involving the adoption of children are known as adoption scams. This term refers to any type of deceitful or illegal activity during the process of adoption for the purpose of financial or personal gain. Adoption fraud charges could be filed against birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoption agencies. Adoption fraud can take a number of forms, including failing to provide the adoption family with a full and adequate medical background for the prospective child.

In some cases, adoptive families may claim that they were unable to make the correct decision to adopt, due to lacking full background information on the child. Other instances of adoption fraud involve birth mothers who promise their child to a family in exchange for financial support and expenses.

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Fairfield Criminal Defense Attorney: Adoption Scams

Although most states do not have laws which specifically address adoption fraud, California adoptions are governed by California Civil Code Section 224s, amended Statutes 1978, page 1339, which states:

"No agency shall place a child for adoption unless the agency has submitted a written medical report on the child's medical background, if available, and, so far as ascertainable, the medical background of the child's natural parents, conforming to requirements which shall be specified by the State Department of Social Services, to the prospective adopting parents and such prospective adopting parents have acknowledged in writing the receipt of such a report."

If you are accused of any criminal activities related to an adoption, whether defrauding prospective parents, failing to provide the legally required documents, charging exorbitant fees, offering children for adoption with no intention of following through for financial gain, during the pre-adoption process or any other type of adoption scam, the consequences can be very severe in a conviction. You need legal representation from a highly qualified Solano County criminal attorney as early as possible after your arrest.

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