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Are you facing criminal charges in Vacaville?

If you or someone you love is accused of committing a serious criminal offense, your choice of criminal defense lawyer could not be a more important decision. Your ability to live your life in freedom, your reputation and your career are all at stake. Under these circumstances, it is imperative that you hire the best Vacaville criminal attorney you can find. There are many law firms that practice criminal defense, but few that can claim the level of experience and record of success that you will find at Maas and Russo. With years of experience, including serving as counsel in many high profile criminal cases, the firm is highly respected and is ready to help you now.

Are you accused of committing a sex crime, a drug crime, theft crime, violent crime or other serious felony? You could lose your freedom, sometimes for life, or face the death penalty for certain crimes. You cannot afford the risk - when your freedom and life is at stake, you need the highest quality, well-known and aggressive defense law firm you can find. We are proud of our many victories in serious criminal cases, and we have gained a reputation throughout the Vacaville area as a top defender, including in cases involving mental illness, rights violations and many, many others.

Three Strikes Cases, Felony Charges and Misdemeanors

The three strikes law has created a dangerous situation for those who are facing criminal accusations that have a prior record of violent offenses. If you are in this position, you need legal protection now. A felony charge has a great threat to your future, as no matter what you do, or where you go in the future, or your qualifications in any field, you will be forced to admit to being a felon in job applications, bank loan applications and when trying to find a place to live.

A misdemeanor charge is not minor; in fact many misdemeanor charges have up to 12 months in jail as the possible penalty. Our firm defends all types of criminal charges, including three strikes crimes, misdemeanor and felony charges. Call us today for information about our firm, what we recommend with regard to your defense case, and what defense actions should be taken for you on an immediate basis.

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