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Protect Your Rights

In the United States those that are arrested have certain rights in an arrest, during a criminal investigation, and when going to court. Many of these rights are protected under the United States Constitution; however, just because you have certain rights, does not mean that you aren't at risk of having them violated or worse yet, that you won't become another victim of a miscarriage of justice or a wrongful conviction. If you're scared, you should be! There is nothing light about facing criminal charges, especially in the state of California. Thanks to California's "three strikes" laws, we have some of the toughest repeat offender laws in the nation. When potentially facing incarceration in a jail or state or federal prison, you should hire an experienced attorney who cares about you, the effects your case may have on your future, and who is not afraid of the power of the State and its agents to fight for you to secure justice.

Let Us be Your Greatest Advocate

The state of California is large and expansive, and because of its large population, the state is filled with all forms of criminal activity. To combat this never-ending war on crime, the state invests a great deal of resources into law enforcement, prosecutors, drug enforcement agents, jails, and state and federal prisons. Therefore, when law enforcement and the local District Attorney have turned their eyes on you, you can count on the fact that they have already made up their minds about you, and this is not a favorable position to be in.

How much is your reputation, your freedom and your career worth to you? Is it worth fighting for? If so, then we urge you to contact an attorney from our firm, the Maas and Russo. At our firm, you are not just another number in the revolving door of criminal cases, you are an individual and a person with a life and loved ones back home that care about you, and we fully respect that. Whether you are entirely innocent, or if you made a mistake, that doesn't mean that you deserve to face the harshest consequences our state has to offer. Not only that, but our jails and prisons are already spilling over with people who don't belong there, and why should you join them?

Why are we different?

Attorney Thomas Maas is a well-respected criminal defense lawyer who has become well-known throughout the legal community for his skills inside and outside the courtroom. With our aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer advocating your case, the court may be convinced to reduce your charges or issue an acquittal. If your future hinges on the quality of your defense representation, do yourself a favor and call Maas and Russo.

Give us a call today so we can schedule your initial consultation with a member of our legal team, your future matters; let us help you face a brighter one because you're worth it.

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