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Facing a DUI Conviction in Fairfield, CA?

Any criminal charge involving drunk driving will be harshly prosecuted in California. DUI (driving under the influence) is the criminal offense of operating a motor vehicle while one has a blood alcohol concentration ofWhiskey & keys .08% or greater, and/or while one’s abilities are impaired due to alcohol or drugs.

When someone is charged with DUI, considering their options as to defense may be daunting. Conviction may see as though it is inevitable, especially if there was a blood or breath test administered on the scene at the time of arrest that indicated illegal amounts of intoxication. However, that does not have to be the case. With the right DUI defense attorney arguing in their client's defense, evidence can be challenged and the prosecution's case can be made weak enough to lose the case.

Don't Take Your Case Lightly

Although defense against a DUI charge with evidence is possible, it does not mean that the charge should be taken any lightly. A first offense DUI can carry penalties including harsh fines, jail time and community service. Those DUI penalties will only increase with repeated instances and aggravating factors. Furthermore, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will place penalties and limitations on one's license, suspending it for up to a year in some cases, which is a penalty completely separate from any criminal consequences.

If you are facing any of the above penalties, reach out to our Solano County DUI defense attorney. Call for a FREE consultation!

Building the Defense You Need for Your DUI

The Solano County DUI defense attorney at Maas and Russo can help if you’ve been arrested for drunk driving. Our legal practice is devoted exclusively to criminal defense, meaning that we are able to focus solely on how to defend your legal rights.

Our knowledge of California DUI law and drunk driving cases specifically in Solano County and the surrounding areas enables our attorney to secure exceptional results for a number of our clients – even in the most serious of DUI cases. You need an experienced and aggressive Fairfield criminal lawyer on your side.

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