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Have you been charged with assault & battery? Are you searching for a Solano County criminal defense lawyer to defend your case? If so, turn to Maas Law Offices. With more than 60 years of criminal defense experience, we have helped clients throughout Solano and Napa Counties fight their criminal charges, and know what it takes to effectively defend someone who has been arrested for assault & battery.

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Understanding Assault & Battery Charges in California

Assault & Battery Defense Attorney in Solano County, CA

Although assault and battery are often charged together, they are actually two separate offenses. Assault refers to intentionally threatening another person with violence or attempting to inflict violence against another person. If the defendant intentionally touched, hit, or made contact with the victim against the victim's will, it is considered battery.

The legal penalties for assault & battery include up to four years in prison and up to $10,000 fines. However, depending on the circumstances of the crime, the penalties could be enhanced. Circumstances that often lead to a penalty enhancement include causing bodily injury or death, committing assault & battery during the commission of another crime, using a firearm, or using a machine gun or semiautomatic.

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Like all violent crimes, prosecutors take assault & battery charges very seriously, and will not hesitate to come after you aggressively. With your rights, freedom, and future in jeopardy, do not sit back and do nothing while the prosecution runs their case. Contact our trial-tested defense firm for a consultation! We can review your charges and the circumstances surrounding your arrest in order determine which defense strategies would be most effective.

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