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As strict as law enforcement has become in "cracking down" on prostitution in the United States, the laws remain relatively arbitrary in some areas. This means that there are some people who can be arrested under the suspicion of prostitution but are not actually guilty of violating any specific statute.

Much like the charges of solicitation, prostitution is another criminal act that is susceptible to criminal entrapment whereby undercover law enforcement agents lead their targets to commit crimes that they would otherwise not have be disposed to engage in.

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Understanding Prostitution Charges in California

A person may face criminal charges for engaging in prostitution if they have allegedly offered money in exchange for sexual acts or agreed to take or give money in exchange for sexual acts. Whether or not the actual exchange takes place does not matter. A person may also face criminal charges for loitering in a public place with the intention of committing prostitution. Penalties for prostitution or a prostitution-related offense will vary depending upon the jurisdiction, the act itself and whether the offender has any prior offenses.

As with other sex offenses in California, prostitution is a serious offense which may result in a number of criminal penalties as well as lasting effects to the defendant's reputation and future opportunities. As such, our attorney is dedicated to providing high quality legal representation in order to effectively protect our clients' rights and freedom.

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In some cases, a prostitution charge will be particularly complex because a police sting operation led to the charges. Does this qualify as entrapment because law enforcement led a person with no predisposition to commit a prostitution-related offense into offering or accepting money in exchange for sexual acts? The Solano County sex crimes attorney at our firm can review your case and help determine what defense strategies may work in your favor.

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