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Case Results

  • Dismissed Heroin Possession Charge
    22 year old client arrested in possession of heroin was represented by Thomas Maas. Mr. Maas filed a motion arguing the client was illegally detained based on patently inaccurate information, was arrested without probable cause and searched unlawfully without benefit of a warrant. The District Attorney conceded the merit of the motion and dismissed the prosecution on the day set for hearing.
  • Dismissed Heroin Possession Charge
    Client of Carol Long received dismissal of his pending prosecution for possession of heroin. Ms. Long successfully argued the police had violated her client's Fourth Amendment rights by entering his motel room without a warrant or any other justification that may have excused the initial warrantless entry.
  • Dismissed Meth & Paraphernalia Charge
    Client of Thomas Maas received dismissal of her pending possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia case after Mr. Maas successfully argued that the discovery of the contraband inside her automobile was fruit of "consent" only gained after a constitutionally impermissible prolonged detention in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  • Dismissed Cocaine Possession Charge
    55 year old Client charged with possession of cocaine base. Thomas Maas argued motion based on client being illegally detained, with an illegally prolonged detention and an involuntary consent to the search that led to the discovery of the evidence. Court granted motion to suppress evidence, Case Dismissed.
  • Dismissed DUI Charge
    Client charged with misdemeanor DUI retained Thomas Maas to help him. Mr. Maas filed a motion to dismiss based on violation of his speedy trial rights, conceded by the prosecution. Case Dismissed.
  • Motion to suppress blood results granted DUI Charge
    Thomas Maas successfully argued motion to suppress blood results in a Driving Under the Influence prosecution based on police negligence in not attempting to secure a warrant prior to compelling a blood sample from a suspected DUI driver. Court issued order excluding the blood result from the trial.
  • Dismissed Child Abuse Charge
    Client charged with misdemeanor child abuse retained Thomas Maas. Mr. Maas filed a motion to dismiss based on a violation of his speedy trial rights, conceded by the prosecution. Case Dismissed.
  • DUI and Resisting Arrest Charges
    Client represented at trial by the Public Defender's Office was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting a peace officer. Solano County Superior Court appointed Thomas Maas to represent the appellant. Mr. Maas filed an appeal based on a denial of appellant's speedy trial rights, which was granted. Appellant's DUI and resisting convictions were vacated and the cases were dismissed.
  • DUI Charge

    US Air Force Airman arrested and charged with DUI. Thomas Maas filed motion to suppress evidence due to illegal detention, unlawfully compelled breath sample pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 23612(i) and illegal arrest. Case dismissed by District Attorney on date set for hearing.

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