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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • When should I call a criminal defense attorney?

      It is important for you to immediately contact a lawyer after you have been arrested or if you are under investigation by any agency, including the FBI or DEA. Our firm can help protect your rights and fight aggressively to secure your freedom. Call us today to schedule your initial case consultation!

    • What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

      While both are serious offenses that could leave your criminal record with a permanent mark, a felony is a much graver matter. Being charged with a felony could result in many years or even life imprisonment, and a strike according to California's Three Strikes Law.

    • Do I need to hire a lawyer if I am innocent?

      All too often, we see individuals face harsh prosecutors and get convicted – even when they are innocent. Only an experienced attorney will understand the correct method to approach your case and defend your rights in court. Without legal representation, you can be fooled by the prosecution and give an incriminating statement. Call our office today to get legal representation you can rely on.

    • My child was charged with a crime. What should I do now?

      At our office, we handle juvenile cases with extreme urgency. We understand that your son or daughter has their whole life ahead of them, and they cannot afford to let a criminal charge to get in the way. If your child has plans for college or a career in the future, it will be in your best interest to hire an experienced Vallejo criminal defense attorney immediately. When your child is charged with a crime, the parent is often held responsible for any financial damages or fines. As such, only a lawyer will be able to protect your child from facing harsh repercussions and keep you from paying steep fines.

    • What is DUI?

      DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is taken as a very serious offense in the state of California. Being charged with DUI can greatly affect your personal life, in addition to your career. A DUI charge, if not properly handled, can result in the loss of your driving privileges, heavy fines and imprisonment.