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Penalties for a 4th DUI in California


California cracks down pretty harshly on anyone who has been convicted for driving under the influence (DUI). Even just a first-time DUI conviction can slam you with more than a thousand dollars in fees and fines paid to the state. But the penalties will keep on increasing with every subsequent conviction, capping out at a fourth-time DUI.

4th DUI in California

If you are arrested for a 4th DUI in California, you can face serious penalties. You can face one year in jail with a 120-day minimum sentence, around $2,000 in fees, driver’s license suspension, an ignition interlock device (IID) and DUI courses for 18 months.

After all fines and fees are accounted for, you can expect to pay close to $2,000. Your license will be suspended for at least three years with very limited access to even a restricted license that allows you to drive to necessary places and events, such as going to work. You will also have to deal with an ignition interlock device (IID) being installed in your vehicle, which requires you to blow a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.08% or less to start it. You will also be required to attend DUI courses for 18 months after your release from prison.

Additionally, California uses a 10-year lookback period and a felony sentencing escalation for fourth-time DUIs. If you are arrested for a fourth DUI within that lookback period, you are technically facing a felony DUI instead of a misdemeanor. Being convicted means putting a felony on your record, which will prevent you from employment and educational opportunities in the future.

In the end, your best bet if you are facing a fourth-time DUI is to challenge it right away. Otherwise, you could be allowing the state to walk all over you and hit you with the heaviest penalties it can. Contact our Fairfield and Solano County DUI attorneys from Maas and Russo today for the legal assistance you need. Our lead attorney, Thomas Maas, has been selected to Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠, a distinction given to less than 2.5% of all attorneys in California.

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