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Thomas Maas Defends Client Charged with Felony Assault


The legal team at Maas and Russo is pleased to announce that Lead Attorney Thomas Maas was recently successful in defending his client against a felony assault conviction in Fairfield, CA. The client and his brother had been arrested more than two years ago for allegedly provoking a fight. The altercation took place on Saint Patrick's Day after the brothers received a call from their neighbor. Within minutes, they appeared at their neighbor's house; shortly thereafter, a fight erupted. While video surveillance captured most of the fight, it did not reveal who provoked who or who threw the first punch. Even so, prosecutors decided to move forward with the case.

After methodically dissecting the "victim's" claims and exposing numerous discrepancies, however, Thomas Maas was able to show that the neighbor was a far from credible witness. In fact, the neighbor repeatedly conceded that his detailed account of events—which was described in his handwritten request for a restraining order—was incorrect. It is for this reason that the jury ultimately agreed to acquit the brothers of their felony assault charges. Had the defendants been convicted, they could have been sentenced to several years in state prison; fortunately, they made the decision to enlist the help of our Solano County criminal defense lawyer, Thomas Maas.

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