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Child Abuse Charges - Extreme Legal Danger


Child abuse is one of the most serious offenses to be charged with. Unfortunately, many arrests for suspected child abuse come about from false or exaggerated accusations. For example, a disgruntled ex-spouse may make an accusation of child abuse, or may convince your child to claim they have been abused, in an attempt to influence a court decision on child custody. Your child may have made a false accusation of child abuse out of anger, or to get back at you for something you said, in many cases not realizing the seriousness of such charges. In other cases, an innocent action, misconstrued by another, may be enough to lead to felony charges. Certain professionals, such as doctors, teachers and others are required to report suspected abuse, and when this takes place, an innocent person could be facing a serious legal problem.

Regardless of the validity of the charges you face, if you have been accused or arrested for child abuse, we advise you contact Maas and Russo and speak with one of our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys immediately. Law enforcement and Child Protective Services take any potential child abuse cases extremely seriously, and they will not hesitate to fully investigate such matters and file charges when it is believed to be necessary for the safety of a child. You need to take immediate action to not only protect your freedom, but to defend your rights.

We understand what is at stake when facing child abuse charges. We also know that even rumors that you may have committed child abuse may be enough to destroy your reputation, have a terrible impact on your family, and lead to a frightening legal situation to deal with. When you contact our firm, we will take immediate action to review the charges against you, analyze all of the evidence that led to your arrest, engage in further investigations as warranted, evaluate the best course of action to protect you and your rights, and we will work aggressively to defend you throughout the duration of the case. The firm has achieved many notable victories in criminal court. Call today.

If you are facing child abuse charges in Solano County, you owe it to yourself to contact a skilled Solano County criminal defense lawyerfrom our firm today.