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Charged with a marijuana offense in Solano County?

Drug crimes involving marijuana include possession, trafficking, and cultivation, as well as marijuana dispensary charges. All of these legal problems can lead to heavy legal repercussions if not defended by a professional drug crime lawyer. If you or a loved one is facing charges involving marijuana or cannabis derivatives, contact our Solano County marijuana attorney immediately. The legal team at Maas and Russo is experienced, aggressive and ready to help you to fight your charges. We have a great deal of experience in defending serious drug crimes, and should evaluate the facts of your case on an immediate basis.

Depending on your specific circumstances, we may be able to have your charges reduced, dismissed, or to craft a defense case to pursue a full acquittal. Our professional criminal defense lawyer knows what it takes to win at trial. A charge of marijuana possession will be filed when it is alleged that an individual has physical control of the substance, such as in their hands or in their pocket, purse, etc. Simple possession of marijuana that is below the threshold amount, and is believed to have been for personal use only, is an infraction.

Possession with intent is a more serious charge which will be filed when the amount of marijuana exceeds the threshold amount of 1 ounce, and is a far more serious criminal offense. The amount of the marijuana could be dried or live plants. Only a few plants that are grown for personal consumption could lead to being charged with possession with intent. Other marijuana offenses include trafficking and cultivation. Trafficking is a broad term covering manufacturing (or growing), distributing, dispensing, and possession with intent.

Penalties -Fines, Jail or Prison Time and Prop 36 Diversion Programs

Penalties for marijuana offenses vary widely depending on the amount of marijuana in the case. A simple possession charge with one ounce or less is an infraction, and carries a $100 fine. There are options that could be sought in many drug offenses, including entering a court authorized diversion program under Prop 36. Possession with intent to sell is a felony, and the penalties imposed may include prison time. The penalties for trafficking marijuana can be as long as 20 years in state prison.

There are also punishment enhancements when crimes involving marijuana occur on or near school zones. Vehicle forfeiture can be expected under certain circumstances as well. We care about our clients and aggressively pursue any avenue that could lead to a favorable outcome. Your future is important to us, and we take the necessary steps to help you fight back.

When you contact our office and speak with our team, we can discuss your particular circumstances and advise you as to the options that best suit your circumstances.

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