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I hired "Maas Law Offices" to handle my DUI Case. Mr. Maas reviewed all reports issued by the police. With this advanced knowledge and understanding of the "California Vehicle Code", Mr. Maas requested a DMV hearing at their office. He proved to them that my stop and detention was outside the legal parameters set forth in the "Calif. Vehicle Code" which they agreed with. I retained my driving privileges and that was a very big necessity fror me. The court is a totally seperate issue and charges than the DMV hearing. Once again Mr. Maas's expertise and in-depth knowledge of the law and legal procedures piloted me through the dismissal of all charges. My family and I are so grateful for his understanding, compassion and professionalism. The cost of Mr. Maas's legal service was minimal to the cost I was facing with a conviction. I was not burdened with the additional cost at any point. The "Maas Law Office", provide very quality law services and for a family of modest financial means, but also with "sincere" compassion as well. I know you can pay more, but you ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT GET MORE! Tom saved me from deep depression, and for that I am forever GRATEFUL to he and his staff!


Deryl D.

I had been advised by an award-winning trial defense lawyer to get in touch with Thomas Maas, who I was told was the "800 Pound Gorilla" in his area. Best of the best. The nickname proved to be accurate for my case. Maas Law Offices effectively prove innocence, they stay in front of every second-to-second situation in the courtroom. When it's crucial that you're in the right defense attorney's hands, this is who you need to retain. Thomas worked well beyond his contract to defend me... he turned out to be exactly who I hoped deep down my representation would be. In short terms, words that can be used to describe Thomas and Maas Law Offices are: intelligent, quick, sharp, strictly business, high-caliber legal defense.

If you need someone to prove it, call Thomas Maas. I would trust any loved one with him as the best defense attorney that one can have. It doesn't matter what your situation... if you have Maas Law Offices representing you in court, you will get the best outcome that your case could ever have.

Thomas was effectively able to masterfully navigate the courts and professionally prove all the points that I wished everyone in the courtroom knew.
If you have Thomas Maas as your representation, you can rest assured that you have the most effective defense attorney possible.

- Gabe C.


As I write this we are currently in the jury deliberation phase of my case. Regardless of the outcome, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on my experience throughout this process. During our first meeting you put my mind at ease giving me the confidence you would represent me to your fullest ability.

You did not disappoint. Quite the opposite in fact. I do not feel I could have found another attorney who would have been more effective. In your position I'm sure you have many cases that can be challenging, I hope all your clients see you as the awesome attorney you are. Thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise in representing me.



I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond in your work. It feels so great to finally have someone on our side. You're a guardian Stacy and I am truly blessed to have someone who will do everything in her power to help protect my children. Here are some hugs to brighten your day.

- AN

There are no words that can express the huge impact you had on my life all those years ago when you fought for me in Court. Had it not been for your excellent attorney skills, the path of my life would not have been the same. It was a very humbling experience and you are the man that allowed me to remain employed and put me on a path of much needed self-awareness and self-improvement!

- K.S.

I recently had the misfortune of experiencing the legal system by being arrested for Domestic Violence. I contacted Mr. Thomas Maas, of Maas Law Offices and told him of my situation. He and his team immediately evaluated the facts, listened to my concerns, my side of what happened, and started the process to mitigate such a serious charge.

Mr. Maas methodically navigated the complexities of the legal system and handled my case with confidence, concern, and expertly gathered evidence and facts.

If you're looking for an Attorney to hold your hand, and spend time with you talking about how he's the greatest thing since sliced bread... Mr. Maas is not likely to be your choice. However, if you want an Attorney that knows how to run a court, has in- depth knowledge of criminal law, codes, procedures, and how to bring the facts of your case to life and win...this is the guy you want in your corner!

Mr. Maas successfully and fearlessly went to trial with a case that seemed very much against me, and after 90 minutes of deliberation, I was unanimously acquitted by a jury of 12!

This guy is a trial genius! I had a lot at stake being as I work in a security-sensitive job that requires FBI/DOT background checks. Thank you Thomas, from the bottom of my heart, and from my family as well!


Thomas, as of late I have been thinking a lot about all that transpired during your time of defending you client and my friend, JC. I am reminded of your hard work, tireless efforts and even (and especially) the personal connection that grew and helped sustain him.

I just wanted to tell you that I am grateful. I believe that God brought you two together. Thank you seems inadequate. Just wanted you to know, years later… we are still so grateful.