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Have you been accused of drug possession? If you have already been arrested or are currently investigation for any type of drug crime, including the possession of marijuana or any illegal narcotic or prescription drug, an attorney at Maas Law Offices may be able to help. We represent clients throughout Solano County in the face of drug possession charges, arrests and criminal investigations. Your initial consultation with an attorney is free and strictly confidential.

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What Constitutes Possession in California?

Drug Possession Attorney in Solano County, California

Drug possession may be defined as the possession of an illegal street drug or the possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription. Although most often the least serious of all drug crimes, drug possession may escalate to a serious offense if the defendant is suspected of possession with the intent to distribute or sell.

A defendant may be in danger of facing possession with intent charges if a large amount of drugs are found or if certain drug paraphernalia is discovered, such as measuring scales, baggies, large amounts of cash, client books or PDAs. The type of drug will also influence the severity of charges and penalties the defendant may face, as well as his or her prior drug crime record.

Defense for Drug Possession Charges in the Bay Area

Depending on your particular case, there may be much that a Solano County criminal defense attorney can do to challenge your charges. For example, you may have been the victim of an illegal search and seizure based upon an invalid search warrant or a search that was conducted without probable cause. In these or similar situations, your lawyer may be able to file a motion to suppress evidence seized in this search. This may completely alter the outlook of your case and may offer you the opportunity at a positive case result.

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