Manufacturing Drugs & Narcotics in Solano County, CA

Charged with drug manufacturing? Maas Law Offices can help.

If you have been accused of manufacturing drugs or narcotics in California, you are facing a felony conviction. According to Health & Safety Code 11379.6 HS, it is illegal to manufacture, produce, compound or process any type of controlled substance—which most often refers to the process of "cooking" meth or compressing marijuana resin into hashish. In fact, you could be charged with a crime simply for offering to manufacture drugs. If children were located near the processing location or someone else was injured and/or killed in the process, you could be facing an even longer prison sentence. For this reason, the Solano County drug crime defense lawyers at Maas Law Offices encourage you to take action in the interest of your defense as soon as possible.

The Penalties for Manufacturing Drugs & Narcotics in California

Per Health & Safety Code 11379.6 HS, manufacturing drugs or narcotics in California is a felony offense—which is punishable by up to 7 years in state prison and a $50,000 fine. If you are caught offering to manufacture drugs, you could also be charged with a felony. This could land you in state prison for up to 5 years; however, if children were present at the processing location, you could face an additional and consecutive term of up to 5 years. If you have previously been convicted of a drug crime, another person was injured or killed during the manufacturing process and/or you are convicted of manufacturing large quantities or meth, PCP or GHB, you could face enhanced penalties. Fortunately, the experienced legal team at Maas Law Offices is here to help.

What if I was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

When facing drug manufacturing charges, it is important to understand that there are a number of legal defenses that may apply to your case. For example, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not a crime—as long as you were unaware that illegal activity was taking place. Additionally, your Solano County criminal defense attorney may be able to prove that your acts were merely preparatory, that you were subjected to an unlawful search and seizure and/or that you were mistaken for someone else. Each of these factors could establish the basis of your defense, depending on the specific nature of your case, so you should not assume that you will be found guilty until you have had the chance to tell your side of the story in court.

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