Facing Burglary Charges in Fairfield, CA?

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Burglary, often referred to as breaking and entering, is a criminal offense generally associated with theft. However, burglary is specifically defined in California law as unlawfully entering another's property with the intent to commit a felony crime. Whether or not the crime is actually committed is not a part of a burglary charge. Simply the unlawful breaking and entering, with the intent to commit a crime, is the offense. Theft is often the objective, but the intent to commit any felony offense would suffice, including sexual assault, robbery or murder.

First degree burglary is the most serious form of burglary charges. It is often referred to as residential burglary because the property is an occupied dwelling of some kind. In Solano County, first degree burglary is considered a serious felony offense and therefore counts as a "strike" on a defendant's criminal record if he or she is convicted. It may be punishable by 2, 4 or 6 years in state prison.

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