Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Solano County, CA?

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Indecent exposure is defined as a sexual offense involving a perpetrator willfully exposing him or herself in public or in a place that may be seen by others, usually for the purpose of personal arousal or to offend or shock others. While this is generally considered to be a lesser sex offense, a conviction can still have serious consequences, including imprisonment and sex offender registration. A conviction for indecent exposure could literally follow you for the rest of your life by having a criminal record and the necessity of sex offender registration.

Fairfield Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney

Depending upon the circumstances, indecent exposure may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. Generally speaking, a first time offender will face misdemeanor charges but a repeat offender will most likely face felony charges. Either way, a person convicted of indecent exposure may face imprisonment in jail or prison, fines, sex offender registration and other penalties as well. A conviction for indecent exposure in Solano County will likely ruin your reputation and many employment or educational opportunities as well.

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