Arrested for Child Molestation in Fairfield, CA?

Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Solano County

In the state of California and across the nation, accusations of child molestation are becoming both the most serious and also the most common criminal allegations. Molestation usually refers to unwanted or unsolicited advances in an indecent manner and for the purposes of sexual gratification. More specifically, child molestation refers to any type of sexual advance or action with a child, most often under the cutoff age of 14, by an adult.

Because of the sensitive nature of this type of crime, a simple comment by a child that would otherwise be meaningless can result in criminal charges, even if the child later insists that nothing wrong happened. Child molestation may include any of a number of sexual acts with a child. A conviction will have serious repercussions, and specific penalties will vary depending upon the particular case as well as how many counts of abuse one is accused of. At Maas Law Offices, our sex crimes attorneys are committed to defending our clients’ rights in the face of child molestation accusations.

Just because a person is accused of child molestation does not mean that he or she is guilty. Unfortunately, after being accused of child molestation the alleged offender will face discrimination and harsh treatment from almost everyone he or she knows. Law enforcement on the case will not believe that you are innocent and you will be treated as though you are already guilty. Your reputation will suffer and your personal and professional relationships will likely be damaged.

Solano County Sex Crimes Attorney

It is an unfortunate truth that some child molestation and child abuse accusations are false. Not only do these hurt those who are accused of molestation, but this also harms real victims of abuse. A criminal defense attorney can review your case and help to determine why the false allegations may have been made against you – and can then work to prove that these are false either in court or to the prosecuting attorney so your case does not reach court.

Contacting a Solano County sex crimes lawyer is the best thing that one can do in the face of a child molestation or child sexual abuse allegation. At Maas Law Offices, we offer a free and confidential case evaluation to discuss your matter and to determine what our lawyers can do to help you. By intervening and protecting your rights as soon as possible, a defense lawyer can help you avoid further damage. In fact, with the proper representation a lawyer can help you rebuild your life even in the wake of a serious molestation accusation.