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School Expulsion Hearings

A minor may face a school expulsion hearing for any of a number of offenses. An experienced lawyer can represent a minor at his or her expulsion hearing in order to help your child avoid being expelled. To lawfully expel a student, the principal or superintendent must determine that your child has actually violated California Education Code Section 48900.

With experience and knowledge in this field, your attorney may be able to help prove that your child did not commit an offense which qualifies for expulsion. Your child may face juvenile court proceedings as well as an expulsion hearing for certain offenses, and an attorney can intervene early enough in the process to help your child avoid the negative consequences of a variety of criminal allegations.

School Expulsion Hearing Defense

A school expulsion hearing may be held if it is suspected that a student has committed any of the following offenses (these are only a few of the offenses which may qualify for expulsion):

These offenses must have occurred while on school grounds, while going to or from school, during lunch period, or during a school sponsored activity.

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