Property Violations

Fairfield Juvenile Defense Attorneys

Graffiti, vandalism and property defacement are all forms of property violations. This type of juvenile crime often results in less serious charges than violent crimes or drug crimes or sex crimes, but a conviction may still have lasting consequences for a minor. The specific penalties that a defendant may face in a juvenile property violation case may vary depending upon the value of property damage which was caused. These may include, but are not limited to, expulsion from school, fines, repairing the damaged property, counseling, or detention in a juvenile facility. The minor’s parents may be held responsible for paying any fines associated with a conviction.

If your child is facing property violation charges in Solano County, California both you and your child may end up facing the consequences of a conviction. A criminal defense attorney at Maas Law Offices can help. We offer a free confidential case evaluation to discuss your legal matter and see what we can do to help. With an experienced Solano County juvenile defense lawyer at your side, you will have the opportunity to ensure that your child’s rights are not violated and that he or she is given the benefit of rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Solano County Juvenile Property Violation Lawyers

At Maas Law Offices, our lawyers represent clients throughout Contra Costa County and Solano County from our law offices located in Fairfield, California. Whether your child has been accused of vandalism, graffiti or some other property violation, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide aggressive and effective legal counsel. Early intervention and prevention are essential aspects of any juvenile case in California.

If a juvenile defense lawyer is able to become involved early enough in the process, he or she may be able to effectively prevent your child’s property violation case from ever going to juvenile court. This ability comes from knowledge, experience, persistence and knowing the juvenile court system inside and out. Contact a Solano County criminal defense attorney at Maas Law Offices today.