Felony Defense Lawyer in Solano County, CA

Are you currently in danger of facing felony charges? Make no mistake; your entire future is on the line. It is important that you waste no time in consulting with a Solano County criminal defense lawyer who can begin fighting to protect your freedom and constitutional rights. If convicted, you may face a minimum of one year in state prison or possibly a lifetime behind bars or even the death penalty in extreme cases. Involving a Fairfield felony defense lawyer may be your only opportunity at avoiding these serious consequences of a conviction.

Examining the Felony Offenses in California

Maas Law Offices represents defendants throughout Solano County who are facing allegations of any type of felony offense. From our offices in Fairfield, we represent defendants who have been charged with any of the following criminal offenses:

We represent clients facing any type of crime that would be a person's "third strike," which may include any serious or violent felony offense. When you work with a lawyer at our law firm, you can count on our dedication to personalized attention and stellar client service as we guide you through this difficult, often stressful time.

Avoid 25 Years in Prison – Contact Maas Law Offices

In California, felonies are particularly grave offense due to the state's harsh Three Strikes Law. Under this law, a conviction for a violent or serious felony will count as a strike on the defendant's record. A second strike will result in double the penalties, and a third felony conviction of any kind, even not typically classified as violent or serious, will result in 25 years to life in prison. For this reason, it is highly advised that you contact a Solano County criminal attorney from Maas Law Offices if you are facing a felony offense.

Maas Law Offices is proud to represent clients throughout Solano County, including Fairfield, Benicia, Dixon, Vacaville, Vallejo and Solano.