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Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys in Solano County

Under California law, sexual assault is defined as any offenses that subject the victim to unwanted touching or actions which are sexual in nature. As such, sexual assault may include sexual abuse, molestation, rape, attempted rape, groping and a number of other similar actions. When sexual assault involves a child as the victim, law enforcement officers, jurors and legal personnel may feel a natural urge to protect children and children’s rights and this can lead to hasty convictions sufficient and compelling evidence. At the very least, a defendant in a child sexual assault case will face zealous prosecution and harsh treatment through the life of his or her case and even beyond.

Sex Offender Registration & Child Sexual Assault in Solano County, CA

Do not wait to consult a Solano County criminal lawyer at Maas Law Offices if you or someone you know is facing allegations of sexual assault of a child in or around Solano County or Contra Costa County, California. Our child abuse defense lawyers in Fairfield are here to protect your rights and to help you in the face of serious child sexual assault charges. We understand that your freedom is at stake and that your life as you know it may change forever.

Being convicted of sexually assaulting a child will most likely result in mandatory, lifelong registration as a dangerous sex offender. As a registered sex offender, you will face a ruined reputation, difficulty finding employment, and general ostracism by your community. You will be required to register with local law enforcement at regular intervals, and your registration will include your name, address, the crime you were convicted of and a picture. This information is available to the public.

Fairfield Child Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys

The consequences of a child sexual assault accusation or conviction are far reaching. Fortunately, our child abuse defense attorney can help you. During a free confidential consultation with Maas Law Offices, you can find out what you are up against and what we can do to help. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys take on cases throughout Solano County from our offices in Fairfield, California. Contact a Solano County child abuse attorney at our firm today for your case consultation.