Sexual Abuse of a Child

Child Abuse Defense Attorneys in Solano County, California

Child abuse allegations are serious enough, but sexual abuse crimes involving a child are considered the most appalling offenses that a person can commit. The nature of child sexual abuse allegations alone can ruin the accused’s reputation and relationships. Ostracism by family, friends and co-workers is a common effect of a sexual abuse case involving a child as the victim.

If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual abuse of a child in Solano County or Contra Costa County, a defense attorney at Maas Law Offices can help. You need a strong and effective attorney on your side who can aggressively assert your rights and work to protect your freedom. Due to the nature of a sexual abuse case, your attorney’s abilities will have an even bigger impact on the outcome of your case. It can be difficult to get through to a jury when trying to communicate the defendant’s side of the story in a child abuse case, especially one involving sexual abuse.

In over twenty years of practicing criminal defense, the Solano County criminal lawyers at Maas Law Offices have become skilled at effectively communicating to the jury during trial and negotiating with the prosecuting attorney before a case goes to court. We understand how to break through any prejudice that the jury members may feel toward the defendant. We understand how to negotiate for lesser charges before a case goes to trial.

Facing Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Fairfield, CA?

Child sexual abuse cases may involve the use of violence, threats, force or coercion to engage in a sexual act with a minor. Some cases involve multiple counts of sexual abuse, while others may involve a single incident. Child molestation is often associated with child sexual abuse, child pornography, prostitution and exploitation. Penalties for a Fairfield, California child sexual abuse conviction will be extremely harsh. A defendant may face a long state prison sentence and heavy fines, in addition to mandatory lifelong sex offender registration.

For the rest of the convicted offender’s life, he or she will need to register at regular intervals with local law enforcement, may not work with children, may not live or work near a playground or school and may be prohibited from spending time with his or her own children as well. Rather than face the life-changing consequences of a child sexual abuse conviction, work with an attorney who can help. Contact the legal team at Maas Law Offices today.