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Maas Law Offices Welcomes Attorney Stacy Barrett

Here at Maas and Russo, we are always looking for new ways to bring powerful, comprehensive, and honest representation to our clients in the Bay Area. With that in mind, we are excited to announce that Solano County Criminal Defense Attorney Stacy Barrett has recently joined our team.

Ms. Barrett first showed up to the criminal defense legal scene more than a decade ago. A San Francisco Deputy Public Defender was working on a murder case involving a potential death penalty, and she was there to assist him while still attending the University of California – Hastings College of Law as a student.

After her humble yet thoroughly-impressive beginnings, she went on to practice in the Napa Superior Court. Bench and jury trials quickly came her way, and today she is completely familiar with the intricacies of all manners of criminal case proceedings. The defense of the criminally accused is truly a captivating topic for her, and her clients can see her passion in everything she does for them.

More Than a Defense Attorney

Stacy Barrett's generosity and compassion allow her to excel in the courtroom, there is no arguing that. But her gracious nature also extends into other facets of her life. Currently, she enjoys volunteering for the Hydrocephalus Association – a group that promotes the understanding and treatment of hydrocephalus (a potentially dangerous build-up of fluid in the brain) – to better the lives affected by this medical condition.

Once again, our whole team at Maas Laws Offices is excited and honored to have Attorney Barrett amongst our ranks. We know that her professionalism and skill will let her fit right in, and that she will do us proud by tenaciously and creatively defending our clients. To learn more about Attorney Barrett and our legal practice, we encourage you to call 800.483.0992 and connect with our team. You can even request a free initial consultation if you have been accused of a crime, so there is no need to hesitate – contact us today.