Solano County Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity Theft and White Collar Crimes

Identity theft has become a serious problem for law enforcement in California in recent years. Using another person's identity and personal information in order to carry out a criminal act for financial or other gain is generally termed "identity theft." Both state and federal law enforcement agencies have been established specifically to find and investigate any identity theft operation, in an attempt to reduce incidence of identity fraud. California law penalizes identity theft heavily, and any person who is accused of being involved in this activity should get immediate assistance from a seasoned Solano County identity theft attorney on an immediate basis. If federal agencies are involved, the consequences can be significant.

Fortunately, you have the right to an attorney, and it is advised that you choose a law firm that has an extensive record of success in white collar crime defense. If you are facing criminal charges for identity theft, you need to speak with a highly skilled defense attorney from our firm as soon as possible. Early intervention by an experienced attorney can make a striking difference in the outcome of your case. At Maas Law Offices, we have fought for the rights of many who are caught in the criminal justice system for financial crimes. We understand how much you have at stake. That's why we do everything possible to get our clients' charges dismissed or substantially reduced, or to pursue a full acquittal at trial.

Identity Theft Lawyer in Solano County - Fighting the Charges

Law enforcement and prosecutors in California will aggressively pursue a conviction in cases of identity theft. By hiring an attorney with extensive experience, you greatly increase your chances of overcoming a criminal charge related to a stolen identity, whether involving credit card fraud or other legal problem. There are many types of identity theft charges that require skilled representation, including:

  • Credit card fraud, defined as any form of fraud involving the use of credit including pretending to be another person in order to purchase items and goods.
  • Utility Identity Theft, which is stealing another's identity in order to secure utilities such as electricity, gas or cable.
  • Tax Return Identity Theft, defined as filing a tax return using another's identity.

You need a Solano County criminal defense attorney on your side even if you are innocent of these charges. Contact us today so that we can review your case.