Charged with Murder in Solano County, CA?

Understanding California Murder Charges

As far back as history can reach, murder has been considered the greatest crime of all. Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another, with malice aforethought. Malice aforethought refers to the criminal intent or state of mind of the perpetrator, including the knowledge that the act is illegal and may cause the death of another. Murder may also include an accidental death that occurs during the commission of a felony offense (covered under the felony murder rule in California).

Depending upon the particular circumstances of the offense, a defendant may face first degree or second degree murder charges. The death penalty may be enforced if a defendant commits first degree murder, murders a law enforcement officer or if the murder is a hate crime. First degree murder is best defined as the premeditated (planned) and deliberate murder of another.

Fight Your Charges with the Help of Our Firm

Due to our thorough understanding of California penal code and case law involving murder charges, the attorneys at our firm are able to effectively represent clients who are facing allegations involving first degree murder or second degree murder. We can also handle manslaughter cases as well, such as voluntary, involuntary or vehicular manslaughter. By familiarizing ourselves with your case and using our experience in the field, we can develop a specially made plan of action for your defense. A Solano County violent crimes attorney at our firm can help you if you are facing murder charges in Fairfield or the surrounding areas in Solano or Contra Costa County, California. Contact a Solano County criminal attorney at Maas Law Offices today!