Solano County Search and Seizure Lawyers

Search and Seizure of Your Person

It is a frequent occurrence that a person himself or herself will be the subject of a search and seizure. By search and seizure of “your person” is meant you, your clothes and your immediate possessions. For example, a search of your pockets, clothes, wallet or purse may be considered a search of your person.

If you were the subject of a search and seizure, contact a Solano County criminal defense lawyer at Maas Law Offices today. We offer a free confidential case evaluation and represent clients throughout Solano County and Contra Costa County from our offices in Fairfield, California. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to review your case and determine whether an illegal search and seizure of your person occurred. If the search was illegal, we may be able to have evidence excluded so it cannot be used against you in court. We may even be able to have your charges lessened or dismissed in some cases.

In some cases, a search of your person may be allowable. If a police officer observes a person who is acting unusually and the officer has specific, articulable reasons to believe criminal activity may be in the works, the officer may have the right to detain the person for investigation. However, police may only conduct a “pat-down search” which is a quick search to determine whether the suspect is armed with a weapon. However, it must be proven that the officer did have probable cause to believe that criminal activity was occurring or was about to occur in order to lawfully conduct a search and seizure of a person without a warrant.

Search and Seizure Attorneys in Fairfield, California

Let a search and seizure attorney at our firm review your criminal charge and the search and seizure of your person that led to your arrest or case. We have dedicated our careers exclusively to criminal defense and can use our specialized knowledge and experience to provide you with only the highest quality legal counsel. Contact a Solano County criminal attorney at Maas Law Offices if your person was the subject of a search and you are now facing criminal charges.