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Search and Seizure of Your Home

Under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a person's home is protected against unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement. Accordingly, law enforcement may not enter your home to conduct a search unless they have a valid search warrant or have probable cause along with some emergency condition justifying entry to your home. In the absence of a lawful warrant or an emergency situation and probable cause, a search and seizure may be deemed illegal and evidence obtained may be excluded from court proceedings.

If a search and seizure of your home was conducted and you believe that law enforcement did not have the right to conduct the search, a Solano County criminal defense attorney at our firm may be able to help you. In a case where a defendant's home was the subject of an illegal entry or search, evidence obtained from that search may not be used as direct evidence against him or her in court. Additionally, any evidence obtained that is fruit of that initial search may not be used against the defendant.

Questions of an unreasonable or illegal search and seizure may arise when law enforcement enters a person's home while making an arrest, and when they enter a home specifically for the purpose of a search. There may be specific areas or items which should have been excluded from the search or there may have been a specific area that was to be searched, but law enforcement deviated from the area to be lawfully searched and searched additional areas. No matter the specifics of the search and seizure of your home, an attorney at our firm will have the knowledge and experience in this area to determine whether this search was in fact illegal.

Attorneys for Illegal Search and Seizures in Fairfield

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