“Three Strikes” Prosecutions in Solano County

In 1994, the state of California enacted the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law, which enforces enhanced penalties for repeat criminal offenders. Other states have implemented similar laws, but California is one of the harshest in dealing with repeat offenders. For example, although the first two offenses must be serious or violent felonies to qualify under the Three Strike Law, your third strike may result from a third offense that is not a serious/violent felony.

What is the Three Strike Law in California?

According to California Three Strike Law, specific serious or violent felony offenses will result in a “strike” on one’s record. A defendant will face double the penalties for a second strike and may face a lifetime in prison without the possibility of parole for a third strike. While other states require that the third strike be a serious/violent felony, California law does not include this requirement.

Strikes are based upon charges, not cases. What this means is that a defendant may receive multiple strikes from one criminal case against him or her. An example would be a person convicted of robbery and aggravated assault, from one incident. He or she may receive two strikes from a conviction at the conclusion of that criminal case.

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