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There are few criminal charges that carry a stigma worse than that of sexual offenses in California. The media coverage on major sex crimes cases and the organizations created for eradicating sexual offenders have subtly created a bias in the local community and even in law enforcement that causes people to unfairly judge those accused with a sex crime.

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Prejudices against these offenses have compromised the integrity of our justice system, allowing accusers to come forward and make claims with little to no proof. While this is not to take away from the victims who suffer legitimate harm from actual offenders, the heinous nature of these crimes are not enough reason to convict innocent people who have done nothing wrong. Find out how our defenders at Maas Law Offices can fight for your rights!

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Regardless of what someone is being accused of doing, everyone has a right to a criminal defense attorney who will advocate on their behalf and fight for their rights in court as they face their charges. At Maas Law Offices, our Solano County criminal defense attorneys believe in providing their clients with solid defense representation no matter what their charge and we want to do the same for you. Some of the types of cases that our firm handles in the field of sex crimes include:

What Constitutes a Sex Crime in California?

Sex Crime Attorney in Solano County, California

A sex crime is an offense which is sexual in nature. It may or may not involve violence and may even be committed in conjunction with another offense, such as burglary or kidnapping. Not only do defendants face extensive jail time and probationary periods, they will also likely be fined and ordered to participate in community service hours. One penalty that is exclusive to this area of the law is the sex offender registry, which is a public listing of local residents in one's community that have been convicted of sexual offenses in the past. Being convicted of such charges will likely require the defendant to register as a sex offender in their community for years, if not decades. This registration will affect their relationships, their job pursuits and their chances to assimilate back into society once they have completed their sentence.

Protecting Yourself from a Sex Crime Conviction

Contact a Solano County criminal defense attorney at Maas Law Offices today if you are facing sex crime allegations in Solano County, California. We offer a free case evaluation to discuss your matter and to see what we can do to help. Your rights and freedom are our highest priority, and our attorneys will fight to protect these.

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