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What Are a Juvenile’s Rights in California?

A minor has specific rights if he or she is arrested or is detained by law enforcement for a juvenile crime. While in many ways these are similar to an adult’s rights, there are certain exceptions. For example, a minor does not have the right to a jury trial in juvenile court. A minor also does not have the right to bail. A juvenile defense attorney can represent your child and assert his or her rights through the entire juvenile criminal process in order to help ensure that he or she is given due process of the law and is treated fairly.

When a police officer takes a minor to a detention officer at a juvenile facility, he or she has the duty of informing the minor’s parent or guardian of what is occurring. A minor also has the right to make two phone calls after he or she has been arrested. One call may be made to the minor’s parent, guardian, relative or employer. The second call may be made to an attorney.

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