Charged with Shoplifting in Fairfield, CA?

Solano County Juvenile Defense Lawyers

Shoplifting is one of the most common juvenile theft crime offenses committed in Solano County, California. These cases often involve physical evidence in the form of video surveillance, as well as witness testimony by a store employee or security officer who claims to have witnessed the act. However, an experienced defense attorney can still secure a positive outcome for a minor accused of shoplifting.

Any case, no matter how complex or hopeless it may seem, will have an opening or a weakness in the prosecution’s case that can be used to the defendant’s advantage. At Maas Law Offices, our experienced Solano County juvenile defense attorneys understand exactly how to investigate a case and evaluate a client’s shoplifting charges in order to work out a strong plan of defense. We represent clients in juvenile court proceedings throughout all of Solano County and Contra Costa County from our law offices in Fairfield, California.

In our over twenty years of legal practice, our experienced Solano County criminal defense lawyers are familiar with the juvenile court system and how to negotiate for lesser charges, treatment instead of penalties and other options that will be of a greater benefit to a minor in the long run. We know how to talk to minors and their parents in regards to their cases, and our experience in defending shoplifting charges in particular makes us qualified to help you.

Minimize Negative Consequences

When a Fairfield shoplifting defense lawyer at our firm takes on a new case, it is our goal to minimize the negative consequences that the minor may face. This includes avoiding long term consequences as well as immediate penalties. We understand just how serious a conviction can be and what lasting effects it can have on a minor’s ability to get employment or to further his or her education. Call a Solano County criminal attorney at our firm if your child has been accused of shoplifting or a similar offense in Solano County, California.