Gang-Related Activities

Solano County Juvenile Defense Lawyers

Contact a Solano County criminal defense attorney at our firm as soon as possible if your child has been arrested for or accused of gang-related activity. This type of juvenile crime, if serious enough, may result in your child being tried as an adult where he or she will face the same penalties as an adult would. It is essential that you work with an attorney experienced in juvenile cases and the juvenile court procedure in particular, in order to give your child the best chance at a successful case outcome. The lawyers at our firm represent clients throughout Solano County and Contra Costa County from our law offices in Fairfield, California. Some of the types of gang offenses that we handle include: weapons charges, assault and battery, vandalism, graffiti, theft crimes, auto theft, burglary, robbery and more.

Juvenile Gang Offenses in Fairfield, California

A minor may become associated with a gang due to peer pressure, or he or she may be seeking the protection or feeling of belonging that they believe a gang can provide. It is a fact that people make mistakes every day, and young people are especially prone to this because they are often more impressionable.

Being convicted of a gang-related offense may put a strike on your child’s record, meaning that any future conviction may result in a doubled sentence. If your child already has a strike on his or her record, this means that he or she will face double the sentence this time around. Your child cannot afford a conviction for this type of offense.

Solano County Juvenile Crimes Attorney

At Maas Law Offices we offer a free case evaluation to clients involving gang-related activities and offenses. It is crucial that we become involved as soon as possible, as we may be able to lessen the charges that your child faces or perhaps negotiate to ensure that your case does not go to juvenile court at all. Contact a Solano County juvenile crime lawyer at our firm if your child is facing charges involving a gang offense in or around Solano County, California.