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Throughout the country, there are many accusations made by individuals who are hurt and angry. Unfortunately, biases in the society and law enforcements have given an undue amount of credit to these accusations without requiring sufficient evidence that the accusations are true. Such prejudices are common in cases involving accusations of domestic violence.

Why Choose Our Domestic Violence Attorneys?

Domestic violence allegations are serious and should be addressed immediately by a skilled criminal defense attorney in your area. At Maas Law Offices, we are committed to representing clients who have been accused of or arrested for domestic violence or domestic abuse in or around Solano County or Contra Costa County, California.

Domestic Violence Can Involve Physical or Emotional Abuse

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Solano County, CA

Unfortunately, criminal laws are extremely broad in the way that they define the standard for domestic violence, often allowing overreactions and emotional decisions lead to the arrest of someone that may not be guilty. As soon as someone makes the accusations physical or emotional abuse, the police will arrest the alleged perpetrator regardless of whether the accuser was acting out of anger or if they were telling the truth.

Once the arrest has been made and the charge has been placed, there is nothing that can stop the defendant's trial, including the accuser changing his or her mind once they calm down. False accusations of domestic violence are far too prevalent, ruining the lives of innocent people on a daily basis. These empty claims are often found to be the result of a bitter divorce, a heated argument or a long time grudge against a former partner.

How an Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

Some of the penalties that one may face for a Solano County domestic violence conviction include: up to 4 years in state prison and/or a fines of up to $6,000. If domestic violence is against a child, the defendant may face up to 6 years in state prison and up to $6,000 in fines. If you don't have an attorney and don't contest the restraining order, you may find yourself in a situation where you cannot come into contact with the alleged victim and/or your children as well. You may even need to move out of your home, if you share it with the victim. Add to that the serious penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction, and working with a Solano County criminal lawyer will be in your best interests.

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