Solano County Child Abuse Defense Lawyers

Making Threats Against a Child in California

A person may face criminal charges for making threats against a child. Whether these threats involve physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault or any other threats of harm to a child, it is highly probable that the offender may face a criminal investigation at the very least. Talk to a Solano County criminal defense attorney at Maas Law Offices as soon as possible if someone has accused you of making a threat against a child. We represent clients in a number of complex child abuse cases throughout Contra Costa and Solano County from our offices in Fairfield, California.

Our lawyers aren’t afraid of going up against the toughest prosecutors in the most serious of child abuse cases. We are experienced and have devoted our legal careers to criminal defense alone, allowing us to focus all of our efforts on helping defendants, learning California law, the criminal process and case law inside and out. We use this to provide innovative defense strategies that assist our clients in avoiding convictions even in the most serious of child abuse cases.

Child Abuse Threats in Solano County, California

An entire investigation and criminal case could be launched because of a single complaint by one person. In cases involving child abuse, law enforcement and child protective services would rather be safe and make an arrest than do nothing and miss a real case of abuse or a situation where a child could be in real danger. This applies to suspected abuse as well as threats against a child. But what about cases where the accusation was actually false? That is where a criminal defense lawyer comes in.

Fairfield, California Child Abuse Attorneys

At Maas Law Offices, we believe that you deserve the right to legal representation and that you should be treated with respect. We will provide you with a free case evaluation and can answer your questions and address your concerns to bring you much-needed peace of mind. Work with a defense lawyer at our firm, and you will have the immense benefit of experienced and aggressive representation on your side. If you have been accused of making threats against a child, contact a Solano County criminal lawyer Maas Law Offices today.