Physical Abuse of a Child

Solano County Child Abuse Defense Lawyers

Have you been accused of physically abusing a child? Contact a Solano County child abuse defense lawyer at Maas Law Offices today. We offer a free case evaluation to see how we can assist you. When you contact our firm, you will be treated with respect and your questions and concerns will be addressed. Although you have been accused of a serious criminal offense, you deserve effective legal representation and we can provide this to you. The attorneys at our firm represent clients charged with physical abuse of a child in Solano County and Contra Costa County, California. We have offices conveniently located in Fairfield, and have been protecting the rights of defendants in a variety of child abuse cases for over 30 years.

Maas Law Offices Wants to Defend You!

In their effort to prevent or stop real child abuse from occurring, a false report may be filed regarding physical abuse. An injury that was sustained as the result of an accident could be blamed upon physical child abuse, and you as a parent or a person who works with children may find your future and freedom in jeopardy. A child abuse defense attorney at our firm can help you if you have been accused of physical abuse. We know that false allegations are often made or that a misunderstanding may lead to a child abuse accusation, arrest and criminal charges.

For example, an accident may have led to a child’s injuries, but this may be misinterpreted as abuse. Or, a child may even invent a story of abuse on the urging of the other parent or for reasons of anger, jealousy or revenge. No matter the particulars of your case, an attorney at Maas Law Offices can thoroughly review your charges and determine how to approach your defense. Contact a Solano County criminal attorney at our firm if you have been accused of physically abusing a child in Contra Costa County or Solano County, California.