Solano County Child Abuse Lawyer

Fighting False Accusations of Child Abuse in Solano County

While it is estimated that nearly half of all child abuse accusations are false, innocent individuals are put away each year due to lack of defense. When a child abuse case surfaces, it can be viewed in several different circumstances. In cases that are mainly a child's word against the defendant, the prosecutor will attack the defendant in any way possible to find evidence against them. In other cases, where witnesses or evidence emerge, it is much more difficult for an individual to defend him or herself.

As such, hiring a Solano County child abuse lawyer will be absolutely crucial to the case. If you are facing false accusations of child abuse or child neglect, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, threats against a child or emotional abuse, do not wait to secure legal representation. Your entire future and reputation are at stake instantly, and it is your responsibility to get the help you deserve.

You Deserve the Best Legal Representation Against False Accusations

False accusations of child abuse come to light for many reasons. A child may be upset or mad at you, which is why they have made up an elaborate story. They could be crying for more attention or an ex-spouse could have bribed the child to make the accusation out of jealousy or spite. While it may be difficult to pinpoint the reason for an accusation, it will be important to the case and to help procure your innocence.

At Maas Law Offices, our legal team works aggressively to defend the rights of our clients. We are extensively educated and extremely well-versed in all criminal defense cases pertaining to child abuse in California. While some child abuse accusations may be true, our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have been falsely accused of abusing a child. Call us today for your free consultation. If you are facing false accusations of child abuse, contact a Solano County criminal defense attorney from our office today.