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Exploitation relates to child abuse charges in that it may involve propositioning a child for sexual activity, child pornography and similar offenses. Human trafficking and child prostitution may also be associated with child exploitation. The Solano County criminal defense attorneys at Maas Law Offices are here to help you if you are facing child exploitation charges.

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Exploitation of a Minor / Child Exploitation Cases

Child exploitation is a federal offense. This means that a federal agency may be involved in the investigation of your case, that you will face trial in federal court and that a U.S. federal prosecuting attorney may be responsible for prosecuting your case. Federal agencies typically have more resources to pursue child exploitation cases, and thus your defense lawyer will need to be even more aggressive and persistent in defending your rights.

If convicted of child exploitation, an offender may face a lifetime in prison. However, particular sentencing will depend upon the case itself and the circumstances of the charges. Possession of a single piece of child pornography, for instance, may be a lesser misdemeanor offense. Child prostitution or mass production and distribution of child pornography may result in long-term imprisonment as well as heavy fines.

Fairfield Child Exploitation Defense Lawyer

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