Frequently Asked Questions about Child Abuse

Answers from a Solano County Criminal Defense Lawyer

When an individual is under investigation for child abuse or child neglect charges in Solano County, CA, he or she will immediately have questions and concerns about the charges, the consequences and the future. Our Solano County criminal defense attorney answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding child abuse cases.

Do I need to hire a Fairfield child abuse defense attorney?
If an accusation of child abuse surfaces against you, it is important for you to immediately speak with a criminal defense lawyer. Even if the accusations are false, you will need someone to protect your rights and your future. You can begin by protecting your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

What types of charges does the Maas Law Offices defend?
At Maas Law Offices, our criminal attorneys are available to defend charges of:

We also offer a free consultation for clients facing child abuse charges in Solano County and the surrounding communities.

What are the penalties of child abuse?
Child abuse is a criminal charge taken very seriously in the state of California. You could face long-term imprisonment, probation, fines, community service and may even have to register as a sex offender. Get the help you deserve by calling a Solano County child abuse defense lawyer from our office today!

What constitutes child abuse?
Child abuse is any act, physical or emotional, against a child. It can involve sexual activity and/or physical harm. Even threatening a child can be tried as child abuse in court. Call our firm to get more information on child abuse cases in California!

How can your firm help my case?
At Maas Law Offices, our legal team has years of practice as criminal defense attorneys in California. We have defended dozens of clients and helped prove their innocence in court. Child abuse accusations are taken very seriously, which is why you should hire an attorney with an equally serious attitude towards your charges.