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If you or someone you love has recently been arrested and are facing criminal charges in Solano County, it's important that you take this matter very seriously. Even if you don't have a prior criminal record, you could still be facing the full wrath of the California criminal justice system.

Why Choose Our Criminal Defense Attorneys?

  • Three lawyers, 60+ years' combined criminal defense experience
  • Recognitions that include Super Lawyers® Rising Starsâ„ 
  • 1,000s of cases, track record of case dismissals and acquittals
  • Trial-tested, tenacious advocacy for every case

California has one of the toughest repeat offender laws in the nation, which means that when you are charged with a crime, you need to do everything you can to fight your charges! Contact Maas Law Offices today to start working with an award-winning criminal defense firm.

Proven Defense in 1,000s of Cases

We can stand up for the rights of those charged with various offenses, including:

At Maas Law Offices, we are 100% committed to protecting our clients' legal rights and getting their charges reduced if not dropped wherever possible. Unlike an inexperienced or overburdened public defender, we are an aggressive law firm that will fight tooth and nail to help you achieve the outcome that you desire. The sooner we get started building your case, the better your chances of reaching a favorable outcome in the charges against you.

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If you are facing criminal charges of any kind in the state of California, we urge you to contact Maas Law Offices without delay to discuss your matter in detail. Hiring a trial-tested Solano County criminal defense attorney from our firm could make all the difference in your case.

We believe that your future should be protected at all costs, so call us today.